MSc. Candidate, Department of Biology

Birthplace: Pennsylvania, USA

BSc.: McGill University

Project: Foraging, Diet, and Land Use Effects on Aerial Insectivore Neonicotinoid Exposure in Saskatchewan Agroecosystems

Swallows and other aerial insectivores breeding in agroecosystems are likely chronically exposed to insecticides through their insect prey. However, the extent and drivers of insecticide exposure in aerial insectivores is largely unknown. The goal of my project to better understand what factors affect neonicotinoid insecticide exposure in Barn and Tree Swallows, with a particular focus on use of aquatic vs terrestrial resources. Doing this involves deploying and retrieving GPS tags from swallows, taking blood and fecal samples, and collecting insects. Lots to do but also lots of fun!