MSc, currently PhD student

MSc, currently Lab Sales Representative VWR Canada

MSc, currently Biologist American Bird Conservancy

MSc, Research Associate University of Arizona

PhD, currently post doc Oregon State University

PhD, currently post doc Acadia University and Bird Studies Canada

MSc Biology
Project: Influence of winter origin on population structure, migration timing, and route selection in Sanderling (Calidris alba) during spring migration

I am interested in the factors influencing the reproductive success and survival of birds. My current research uses a combination of long-term data and experimental studies to examine how agricultural land use intensity and wetland abundance influence tree swallows and their insect prey.

I am assessing the potential for prairie wetland ponds (“prairie potholes”) to offset agricultural impact on prey availability for aerial insectivorous birds. Using Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) as a model organism, I am investigating foraging habitat use, nutritional quality of aquatic and terrestrial insect prey, and potential relationships to agricultural pesticide exposure.

MSc BIology
Project: How pesticide pollution may be related to waterfowl distribution and abundance across the prairies and if concentrations of specific compounds may have a stronger influence on certain species and age classes.