My research focuses on the analysis of large-scale toxicant distributions on freshwater ecosystems through the development and application of spatial and statistical modeling.

MSc, ,currently Environmental Consultant.

PhD, currently Pesticide Ecotoxicologist, California EPA

I am interested in how exposure to environmental contaminants at critical life stages (e.g. early development, migration) can alter fitness in birds.

Erin is studying the effects of neonicotinoid insecticide mixtures on non-target aquatic insects (Chironomus dilutus). With research spanning from the laboratory to the field, her project aims to evaluate the cumulative effects of neonicotinoids and their mixtures on aquatic insects to help characterize the risks these compounds pose to aquatic environments.

MSc Toxicology
Project: Role of Perennial Vegetation Plantings as Buffers to Reduce Neonicotinoid insecticide Contamination of Wetlands

My research investigates the developmental effects induced by changes in temperature and contaminant exposure on Arctic shorebirds.