Sonia is a Spanish wildlife biologist. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with specialization in Zoology in the University of Granada (Spain) and her PhD in Ecology in the Doñana Biological Station (Spanish National Research Council) and the University of Seville (Spain). During her PhD she studied the factors affecting the decline of European wild rabbit populations, using hormonal, physiological and immunological measures, and translocations and habitat analysis to assess the health and survival of the individuals. She also worked on a project evaluating the effects of a toxic mine spill on Eurasian otter populations in Spain.  She came to the University of Saskatchewan as a PDF where she has been working on several projects focused on ecology, behavioral ecology and ecophysiology of wild bird populations in Spain, Argentina and Canada. The main goal of most of her research projects has been to investigate the impact of human activities and environmental changes on stress hormones physiology of wild birds. She has been Sessional Lecturer instructor of Fundamental of Animal Physiology (BIOL317) at the University of Saskatchewan and Human Anatomy and Physiology II (BIOL111) at the University of Regina. At present, she is working on the development of procedures and methodology to analyze long chains of polyunsaturated fatty acids (GC/MS) and pesticides (LC/MS) in insects and avian tissues.