Accessible  to researchers in the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, the Toxicology Centre and College of Arts and Science and the larger Avian Research community across Canada, FAAR is a uniquely designed to conduct studies on wild birds in a captive setting where we can do controlled studies in an environment adapted for species-specific needs.  Housing and research take place under one roof with both indoor and outdoor aviaries.  The facility is the only of its kind in Western Canada –  it allows researchers to link field and lab studies on birds and improves our ability to assign causation of effects of environmental stressors such as pollution.

​The facility is specifically designed for wild birds and can house a wide range of  passerines, waterfowl, shorebirds and raptors either caged or gang-housed. It has 6 large indoor climate and light controlled rooms,12 outdoor covered aviaries including wet pens that can be flooded to create a shoreline and freshwater pond.  Special diets can be prepared on site.  FAAR has a fully equipped procedures lab for doing experimental work on research animals and processing and storing samples.  A new environment chamber is currently under construction within the facility to manipulate temperature, humidity and light over large ranges.

For more information on getting a tour or for housing your research project in FAAR, contact the Project Manager Monique Burmester or the Facility Director Dr. Christy Morrissey