I am an Ecotoxicologist — eco·tox·i·col·o·gist

In October 2010, I joined the Department of Biology and School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan and am currently an Associate Professor.  My education includes a BSc from the University of British Columbia (1997) and a PhD from Simon Fraser University (2003).  My postdoctoral training was in Forest Sciences at UBC jointly with Environment Canada (2003-2005) and later at the School of Biosciences at Cardiff University, Wales (2006-2010).

My research interests are focused on avian wildlife and freshwater ecotoxicology.  I have broad interests in understanding how environmental contaminants affect communities and ecosytems… including both “bugs and birds”.  I study a broad range of chemicals of interest such as pesticides, industrial pollutants and mercury.  My research tries to explain how environmental contaminant  exposure during key life stages affects a bird’s fitness.  I use a variety of field, lab and captive studies to link exposure and effects from the cellular level to the whole organism.




NSERC USRA and Honours students

  • Brittney Hoemson

  • Alyosha Boldt

  • Aaron Bell

  • Alex Zahara

  • Kasia Majewski

  • Patricia Tomchuk

  • Jessica Stevens

  • Megan Bjordal

  • Danielle Gagnon

  • Krystyna Polkraka

Summer students and interns

  • ALex Zahara

  • Leanne Ejack

  • Brandon White

  • Sandrine Tabacchioni (France)

  • Tabata Bagatim

  • Trevor Gallagher

  • Alyse Kambeitz

  • Midori Matsuzaki

  • Keaton Schmidt

  • Megan Congram

Research Technicians

  • Matthew Hauck

  • Ting Wei

  • Jessica Fehr